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BTS Jungkook FF (werewolf) ‘Care For Me’ | Ep. 25

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The amount of times I deadass almost choked while writing this ????

Y/N was adopted when she was only two years old. Her adoptive parents are always on business trips and therefore barely home. She is used to being independent and taking care of herself, especially since her friends turned on her after she shared her one and only secret with them. As an outcast she learned to keep to herself and not to trust anybody, not even the handsome stranger that helped her out. Apart from all the endless questions about her past and her secret, she now has to deal with new feelings and an inner war as her world is turned upside-down…Jungkook is the next Alpha of his pack but can’t take over unless he finds his mate. He goes out to look for her and meets Y/N but is incapable of identifying her as his mate or even a werewolf. His confusion and curiosity lead him to spend more time with her and hopefully find the answers he’s looking for…

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