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Ballistic but EVERY single turn a different skin mod is used

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Ballistic but EVERY turn a Different Skin Mod is used took a lot of patience for me make lol. I used around like 80 or so Skin Mods creating this video and that's definitely the MOST Skin Mods I've used in one video.

art in tha thumbnail~

I used these two videos but I EDITED THEM to go in line of the idea of the video and only used about a couple of seconds from the both of them!

please check them out!
Whitty but bad mod

Whitty but it's Roblox

before you say it, yes I used the auto bot to record around 70 INDIVIDUAL VIDEOS for this video. so if you have any trash talk for me on why I didn’t play this mod myself, idc what you got to say lmao

got inspired by @Tyz

still gotta credit to @PrizMatex for being the pioneer of the whole "Friday Night Funkin' but every turn a Different Skin Mod is used" wave

outro beat / song that I made! ~

ALL mods used in THIS video:
Main Website for these mods comes from GameBanana

Vs. Whitty Mod

Boyfriend over whitty mod

Fun sized Tricky Mod

Whitty Clay mod

Hand drawn Whitty mod

Omori over Boyfriend mod

Troll face Whitty mod

Troll face bf mod

Tankman over Boyfriend mod

Fun sized Tricky Mod

Fun Sized Hex Mod

Bendy over bf mod

Berleezy replaces the BF! mod

Beta Icon Boyfriend

Bf And Pico Mod

BFB Gelatin Boyfriend skin!

Bodyless Boyfriend

Bomberman Mod


Yu Narukami Boyfriend


Michiru Kagemori (From BNA) Over Boyfriend

Buzzshock Over BF [Ben 10/FNF Mod]


CoryxKenshin Mod

Among Us Cremate Mod

Dark Matter Swordsman

Playable Ronald MC Donald Mod

Dry Bones over Boyfriend

Cartman Mod

Female Boyfriend Mod

Aggretsuko over BF Mod

Corpse Husband Mod

Cuphead Mod

Kirby with a knife Mod

Four as Boyfriend

UNDERTALE: Frisk over Boyfriend Mod

Goomba Boyfriend Remastered Mod

Garfield over Boyfriend Mod

GenderSwap GF over BF

Gun Boyfriend

FNF: Hank skin! (over boyfriend)

H as Boyfriend Mod

Louie Zong's Hello World Robot

Hornet (hollow knight) over bf (Fixed)

Inkling BF Skin

Isabelle BF Mod

Kokichi Ouma Over Boyfriend

Kubz Scouts (Jay) as Boyfriend


Hit me up! ╰(*°▽°*)╯
Twitter ~
I make music ~
Psn ~ RiqoSan
#FridayNightFunkin #fnf

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