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Baby monkey gets tail amputated, orphan Gimli makes an unexpected friend season 3 Ep17

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Baby monkey Terk of to vet for tail amputation, Gimli not out of the dark but makes an unexpected friend, Satchmo the baby Samango works his magic bringing hope into disneyland , intergrations are keeping the team busy and its not without drama - Baby Season 3 - Episode 17 - At the Vervet Monkey Foundation, a wildlife conservation & primate rescue

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The Vervet Forest is a wildlife rehab series focused on Vervet Monkeys at the Vervet Monkey Foundation . The series showcases the process of taking orphaned and injured vervet monkeys through a foster mother program which helps these rescued orphan baby monkeys to be adopted by foster mother monkeys. The show is for fans of animal planet, nat geo, discovery and anyone who is an animal lover, loves animals and would like to be part of helping them get back to the wild.

Instagram for photos and videos of the babies, updated daily - @Vervet_Forest

To learn more about the Vervet Forest wildlife reserve project visit -

Official Facebook of the Vervet Monkey Foundation -

Official Facebook of the Vervet Forest -

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**These animals are not pets they are rescued wildlife undergoing a rehabilitation program at the Vervet Monkey Foundation in South Africa**

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