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Aviators - Let There Be Fire (feat. Miracle of Sound) (Dark Souls Song | Symphonic Rock)

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The new album has been released! You can find it on all of the major music sites, as well as on CD on Bandcamp. Check out the links below!



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For the title track of this Dark Souls inspired album, I had the pleasure of working with one of my personal favorite artists. Miracle of Sound has a powerful voice that lends itself well to fantasy rock, fitting in perfectly on this journey from the Undead Asylum to the high wall of Anor Londo. The track begins in despair and highlights the drive of the "chosen" undead to conquer the faded Lords of ages past, ultimately finding victory when the fire ignites again.

Miracle of Sound has LOTS of amazing music on his channel, including more Dark Souls content, so give his channel a subscription!


Unleashed by a meeting of fate
A knight comes along as I wait
A desperate cry, the mantle of "chosen" passed on
So where would I even begin?
A saint in a valley of sin
Both above and below, the might of the gods is long gone

Hollowed life, new rebirth
Set forth a soldier consumed by the earth
Burdened down, last to die
Laden with monstrous souls deep inside
Sacrificed into flame
Now fed as kindling they all burn the same
With warmth to stave off the end
I'll quench the cinders' desire
To let there be fire again

Where light shines above the abyss
I'll pass through the darkening mists
At the toll of the bells, I'll rise to face legends divine
But where are the guardians now?
Our idolized sun has burned out
His throne left to ash, and his legacy soon to be mine

I'm a shadow apart
Passed through time and the dark
From a treacherous start
To the ember's last spark
Like a moth to the flame
I've wandered too close to come home
I'm ready now, ready for
Knights burned away
From the sun's glory days
Lifeless ashes give way
To this lone wolf, afraid
I will carry the light
And build on the pyres with my bones

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