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Anyone by Justin Bieber (live cover) - Anna Richey

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Anyone (live cover) - Anna Richey

Today I celebrate my 4th Valentine’s Day with the love of my life. He’s been my rock through thick and thin. He’s my world, my everything, and my teammate.

I’m forever grateful I chose to marry him, despite what people said about how getting married would “ruin” my music career. Well, some doors may have slightly closed for a moment, (like moving to Nashville) but there were other doors that opened to even more possibilities and wonders than I ever could have imagined. My husband was that door for me. He is truly the only one I’ll ever love. He is my forever.

I wish you all the best on this day of love. I hope you get to spend some time with your loved ones and please remember to love yourselves too. You are amazing.

Thank you all for following me on this journey. I have such a deep love and appreciation for all of you and your continuing kindness and support.

Thank you forever.


xo, Anna

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