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ANIME AGE QUIZ (Very Easy-Very Hard)

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Anime Age Quiz (By Quiznime)
❗Read desc. for more information❗
Watch in HD for more appearance!

You can also play without paying attention to the rules, these're only for counting your total score, but this is totally optional.

You'll have 10 seconds to guess the characters age. The age of the beginning of the series counts or the youngest age that I've found. I checked both MAL () and Fandom (), all of the ages that you'll see in the video are from these websites.

If you can exactly guess it you become 4 ponts. If you guessed it with +2 years / -2 years you get 3 points. The same way, for +5 years / -5 years you get 2 points and for +10 years/ -10 years you get 1 point. If you missed more you get nothing. For example: If there's a character, who is 15 years old, if you guessed 15, that's 4 points, 3 points for 13-14 and 16-17, 2 points for 10-12 and 18-20, 1 point for 5-9, 21-25.

You can grab a calculator if it helps or pause the video. Grab some paper and a pen so you can track your score. Again, you don't need to count your score if you don't want. Just enjoy the quiz and have fun.

Hey! It's Quiznime. I hope I can make the best anime quizzes for you. If you are enjoying my videos please subscribe for more and turn the bell on.


Comment your correct answers, please! (for example 56/120)
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1. Very Easy
2. Easy
3. Medium
4. Hard
5. Very Hard
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