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A Tumbler Maker’s How To: Preparing for the Holiday Rush

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Let's prepare for the biggest time of year for any business owner, the Holidays! Now is the time to get your supplies and prepare yourself for what could potentially be the pivotal moment for your small business to grow. Below are links to items I always have on hand.

Lets chat, share pictures, and raise each other up in my VIP FaceBook Group:

If you’d like to purchase a custom tumbler, check out my Etsy shop at the link below:

#SandysOrganizedChaos #WakePrepSlayAllDay

Links to the supplies I use:

Motors -
Rustoleum Clear -
Rustoleum White -
Waterslide Paper Clear -
Waterslide Paper White -
Labels - x -
Labels - 2 x 2 -
Silicone Mats -
Cards -
Shipping Labels -
Alcohol Inks Teakwood -
Mod Podge -

Sam's Club:
Gloves - In Club Only
Cups -
Butcher Paper -

Alumilite Amazing Clear Cast -

Hogg Tumblers -

Harbor Freight:
Wood Workbench -
Metal Workbench -

USPS Boxes -

Printer -

Michaels -
Mr. Nolas -
PDB Blanks -

Oracal 651 Vinyl -

Vinyl Storage -
Storage Cabinet -

Royalty Free Music provided by

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