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A Former Thief & A Laid Back Dude ???? FULL EPISODE ???? | Bakugan Geogan Rising Episode 5

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Strata The Hunter attacks the Awesome Brawlers! Fenneca and Ferascal are under Strata's and Pincitaur keeps goofing off! Can Ajit get Pincitaur to work together and defeat Strata?
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Bakugan: Geogan Rising sees the rise of a new genetically enhanced Bakugan clone –GEOGAN! A Bakugan-like creature fused with elements of crystals, resulting in a new distinct geometric form. Cubes, pyramids, cylinders -not only do they look different than their Bakugan counterparts, but they are EXCEPTIONALLY STRONG and BUILT TO BRAWL! Geogan have arrived on the scene ready to prove their worth and dominate in the Bakugan battle arena. BAKUGAN BEWARE!

In Bakugan: Geogan Rising (Season 3), the Awesome Brawlers band together discovering where Bakugan come from and fight to save what they love most - their Bakugan! VILOCH, a powerful golden Bakugan is desperate to break the bond that the two planet’s share: Earth and the Bakugan home planet of Vestroia. Without this bond, brawling no longer exists! It’s up to the Awesome Brawlers to face off against Viloch, battle to save Earth, Vestroia and their beloved Bakugan!

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Team up with your favorite Bakugan and battle your way towards becoming the Bakugan Battle League Champion in Bakugan: Champions of Vestroia, only on the Nintendo Switch!

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