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48v Server Battery, Super High Amps

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48 volt server battery available from Battery Hookup. This video is kinda long because I start with tearing the battery down. Then re-building it with a new BMS from Daly. Charging to volts per cell. Then I do a capacity test at about a rate. Finally I use the battery in a real-world test. Guess what, I can weld with it! Wow.

The battery is originally made for server racks. It is capable of 100 amps discharge! Huge for such a small package. The steel case and insulating liner makes this a very safe enclosure.

Battery Hookup is going to sell the battery and BMS used in this video. Use coupon code "davidpoz" for 10% off.

Home Page:

I think this battery is better suited to smaller projects. Maybe an electric go-cart, E-bike, portable power station, etc. Yes, it can also be used in powerwalls.

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