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3.10.2 Star Citizen Trade Exploit - 2020 Star Citizen Money Making - aUEC Trading Bug RSI Report

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Hawkes Gaming shows you how to do an economy trade exploit in Star Citizen This 2020 Star Citizen money making exploit will make you tons of aUEC fast! This is my Star Citizen trading bug report for RSI. Trust me this will get patched in Star Citizen so use it while you can!

How did I figure out this bug? Well I watched a video from a good buddy of mine named Cope. He posted a way to trade scrap with multiple ships. I tested a way to do this with all materials not just scrap. Here is Cops video! Please watch it and give him a like and sub! He makes amazing Star Citizen content and is very active as well as knowledgeable!

Link to Issue counsel for this bug report.

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