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10 Gut-Churning But Aesthetically Brilliant Anime

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The majority of anime is based on mangas, video games and real-life events, while the rest are entirely independent works. This sort of origin calls for a cinematic translation that remains true to the source and honestly reflects the writer’s or creator’s message behind the work. In most of these stories, horror, violence, and gut-churning gore don’t just exist to appease gorehounds or target a niche audience. They are an essential part of the narrative and shed more light on the subtle dramatic effects that the authors sought to employ. To cut out or tone down any of these themes is equal to demeaning their creativity and effort. Fortunately, this portrayal has seen a dramatic shift in the past few decades. Initially, animes used random blood spatter to create horror, but animes became visually aesthetic with technological advancements. CGI helped in the efficient cinematization of swift fight sequences while making the entire film or series visually rich and enjoyable. Computer-generated visual aesthetics enhance the setting and overall feel by making the scenery more realistic. In this video, we will discuss some of the greatest and goriest animes that are stunning to look at and combine the love for honest story-telling with the hunger for appealing violence. Since we have already covered the popular animes of the 80s in other videos, we will keep our focus on the ones that came later.

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